A couple of upcoming protests

Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun

The sleeping giant of pinko activism is finally stirring after 2 years of numb paralysis in the face of Tea Party dominance.  At some point, college students, the long-term unemployed and others who have the time to spare to dedicate to sustained hell-raising finally gathered the motivation to start organizing and demonstrating to protect the interests of what has become known as the 99%.

I’m too busy these days to post on this blog, let alone demonstrate in my class interest, but I’m pleased to see a critical mass of people emerging who are willing to do so.  Here in metro Detroit we have plenty to get riled up about.  While I personally think it would make a lot more sense for Occupy Detroit to be occupying, say, the Oakland County administrative campus in Pontiac or the State Capitol, there are a couple of upcoming events in the D that I thought worth publicizing:

1) Action Against the Detroit International Bridge Company,  October 27 (today!), 5-6pm, at 18th and Lafayette  near Ste. Anne’s Church.  Further details available at the Facebook event page.  The event is organized by BridgeWatch Detroit.  Here’s some background, if you need it, on why the DIBC is perhaps the most pernicious organization in Detroit.

2) Rally Opposing Bus Cuts, Friday, 10/28, Grand Circus Park, 3:30pm.  Transportation Riders United Executive Director Megan Owens writes that participants will:

(M)arch to the Rosa Parks Transit Center, handing out action alerts along the way, then over to SMART HQ and the Spirit of Detroit at the C.A.Y. Municipal Center for a short rally around 5pm where bus riders, advocates (including me) and others will speak.

It should be a great opportunity to keep the pressure on Mayor Bing to improve DDOT service and remind the legislature why they need to follow the Governor’s recommendations…   (on public transit)

Really, you don’t have to be a raging lefty like myself to get behind either of these causes.   Please post a comment or email me if you end up attending either and report back on your experience!


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