Updated Williams Institute data

The Williams Institute has taken a second crack at counting our gays.  This one is based on “adjusted data.”  What, you may ask, does it mean to adjust the data?  The Institute explains:

The Census Bureau preferred estimates adjust original Census tabulations… to account for the likelihood that a small portion of different-sex married couples miscode the sex of a spouse and are incorrectly counted as a same-sex couple.

The Census only releases adjusted state-level data, so for the county-level estimates the attempt at adjustment was performed by Williams Institute demographer Gary Gates & his team.

So, did the process change the results?  A little bit.  First, we have updated national maps of the distribution by county, which based on a cross-check of Michigan counties with the previous county map, appears to reflect slightly more intuitive distributions.    It’s still interesting how sparse the gays seem to be in the Midwest compared to the Coasts & the Sunbelt.  South Dakota and northern Wisconsin have particularly odd distributions which, to me, suggest there is still some weird statistical stuff going on in this data for rural areas, which have very low denominators.Looks like adjusting has moved MI up a few spots in the state rankings (4, from #43 to #39, to be precise):

It also pushed Lansing and Ann Arbor further up the list of mid-sized cities ranked by same-sex couples per 1000 households.  Lansing moved up 4 spots to #15, and Tree Town moved up 3 to #20:That’s all I got for now, folks.  The Williams Institute’s website appears to be down today, so I can’t check for additional updates to the data.






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