Numbers and beer

I have to thank my readership for helping me reach a special milestone.

For the month of June, I hit exactly 1,000 views.  No kidding, right on the nose.

The previous high was in April of this year, with 933.   One thousand feels pretty good.

I have another exciting piece of news, which is that I’m partnering with the fine bloggers at Damn Arbor to co-host the Ann Arbor Bloggers Meet Up.  Come meet your favorite local bloggers in the basement at the Heidelberg on North Main, Friday July 15, 6pm.   If the thought of meeting Ann Arbor’s (and, by extension, Michigan’s) finest bloggers doesn’t sufficiently excite you, you have the choice of approximately a gazillion German beers which can be consumed– I shit you not– in a boot, if you so desire.  Yes, an actual boot.*

Plus some pretty wonderful German food.  RSVP in the comment section of this post so we can give a reasonable headcount.  Or on Facebook (stay tuned for the event link).

*Really, even if you hate this blog there’s nothing like a bootful** of German beer.  See you there.

**OK, a glass boot.


7 responses to “Numbers and beer

  1. My fiancee and I will be there.

  2. I’m so in.

  3. I’m hoping to show.

    (I’m not really an Ann Arbor blogger anymore, but I can be the weird old guy who sits in the corner and mumbles about “the old days”.)

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  5. I’m an Ypsi Blogger, so I’m gonna crash your little Ann Arbor party….

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