The Rochelle Collins lawsuit: Spoke too soon?

My timing on my post “Governance in Detroit” was impeccable.

This is what I get for daring to be optimistic about Detroit city government.

It seems to me that the sooner Karen Dumas steps aside (or is asked to leave) the better.  Stephen Henderson’s take is particularly illuminating:

I’d suggest that he ask for a resignation from Karen Dumas, who began as his communications director but has risen to function as, effectively, his chief of staff. Or at minimum, Bing could cabin her more appropriately to her former duties. (Full disclosure: Dumas is a friend, and someone whose love for the city I respect a lot; I just think she’s in over her head, and the mayor’s the one who tossed her there.)

But either move would seem to validate much of what’s alleged in the whistle-blower suit, so it may already be too late to take that kind of action without costly consequences for the city.

In the very best scenario, where there is insufficient evidence to back up Rochelle Collins’ allegations, this is going to be a costly sideshow that distracts from all the city’s budget, public safety and other pressing issues on the mayor’s to-do list.  

I think we need to come up with a special term to describe the chronic fatigue Detroiters experience with their dysfunctional leadership.  Any suggestions?


2 responses to “The Rochelle Collins lawsuit: Spoke too soon?

  1. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Much more background information at Fixing Detroit from the Inside Out.

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