To be old, cranky and white

Oh, this is rich:

The Mackinac Policy Conference’s annual panel featuring metro Detroit’s top political leaders is scheduled for Friday. For the first time it will include Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners Chairman Conan Smith.

The move doesn’t sit well with at least one of the group formerly known as “The Big Four.” Oakland County Executive Brooks Patterson thinks the stage is already crowded enough with fellow County Executives Bob Ficano (Wayne), Mark Hackel (Macomb), and Detroit Mayor Dave Bing… I know, right? This is like when they let Rodney Dangerfield join Bushwood County Club

Patterson (in between pained sighs) complains that, unlike the other panelists, Smith isn’t an elected official. Let’s be charitable and assume he misspoke. Smith was elected as a County Commission in 2005. He was selected by his fellow Commissioners as Board Chairman last year…

Yes, it will be a true challenge for a soul as timid as Brooks Patterson to “get a word in edgewise” when the Washtenaw bullies are dominating this week’s festivities and probably hogging all the shrimp at the Grand Hotel buffet.

Of course, Patterson didn’t have a problem with expanding the definition of southeast Michigan in 2009 when he formed “The Economic Growth Alliance of Genesee, Livingston, Oakland and St. Clair Counties.”

At the risk of offending Port Huron’s delicate sensibilities, does Patterson really want us to believe St. Clair County’s booming economy is more worthy of a seat at the regional table than Washtenaw County and its internationally-regarded elite university and high-tech economic sector that includes Google?

(HT Ann Arbor Chronicle)

The Mackinac Conference is always great for cringe-inducing quotes from L. Brooks, by the way.  Earlier this week on the Craig Fahle Show, he expended considerable energy defending the Tea Party from Bob Ficano, who had pointed out that the Tea Party had actually protested the North American International Auto Show last year because of the bailout.


3 responses to “To be old, cranky and white

  1. This sounds like the right wing spin off of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy BS news site. Michigan Capitol Confidential.

    Written by Faux News Types.

    Everything Against Democrats.

    But you sound like thew same old sorry excuse having to put the word “WHITE” into Title.

    That old cliche is about as worn out as all Blacks look alike. It’s stupid and immature.

    What do you see when you look into a mirror?
    I see me, a person. Time to think for yourself and leave the idiots of history behind.

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