Breaking news re: 2011 Washtenaw Co. redistricting

Just read on the Chronicle that County Commissioner Leah Gunn has decided not to seek re-election.  The newly redrawn county commission map would have put her and freshman Commissioner Yousef Rabhi in the same district.  They’re both Democrats.  Like Commission Chair Conan Smith, I am impressed by her incredible graciousness in making this choice.

I am reminded of Jack Lessenberry’s Metro Times column earlier this week, where he noted a likely outcome of this year’s state-level redistricting would be to put Gary Peters & Sandy Levin in the same district, and calls on Congressman Levin, who is nearly 80, to retire.   While I think he’s jumping the gun a little — can we at least wait til the map is drawn and released before calling for Levin’s retirement?–  if they do indeed end up in the same district, I too hope Congressman Levin displays the same prudence and humility we saw last night from Leah Gunn.


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