Food carts in Ann Arbor!

When I went to South by Southwest in March I gushed about Austin’s plethora of tasty food carts.  Well, people in  Ann Arbor must have heard about how awesome Austin’s food carts are — because tomorrow, a collection of food carts debuts here:

The brainchild of Downtown Home & Garden owner Mark Hodesh, Mark’s Carts will include seven individually owned and operated food carts and will be located in a fenced area off of West Washington Street between South First Street and South Ashley Street, behind Hodesh’s store. Hodesh plans to eventually have 10 carts…

Hodesh said he doesn’t expect all seven to be up and running until later next week.

While cart operators will set their own hours, Mark’s Cart will be open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Hodesh said he continues to look for more cart operators. He’s currently considering two Indian food applications and is hoping for wood fired pizza and perhaps Jamaican food. “But I’m open to anyone with an interesting food idea,” he said. Applications for a cart and more information on Mark’s Carts can be found on-line at

The seven carts include:

Darcy’s Cart, featuring locally sourced food such as a breakfast burrito and short rib kimchi tacos.

Debajo del Sol, Spanish food with paellas and tapas, including house-made chorizo corn dogs.

eat, with a menu that features locally sourced sliders.

Humble Hogs, a food cart operation from the Houston area, moving to Ann Arbor to feature headcheese hoagies, pork-n-beans and more.

The Lunch Room, a vegan menu that will include curry roasted potatoes and summer rolls with peanut sauce.

People’s Pierogi, with homemade pierogi with traditional fillings such as potato and cheese and with experimental fillings.

San Street, with Asian street food.

I plan to check it out, if not tomorrow night, sometime this week.   The carts would seem to provide a low-cost way for Ann Arbor’s culinary entrepreneurs to bring their product to market, without the stiff overhead of downtown rents, so I’m hoping this will prompt an explosion of similar carts across downtown and Central Campus.  I could really use a few near where I work at the Medical Campus, which is a bit starved for variety when it comes to food options within short walking distance.


One response to “Food carts in Ann Arbor!

  1. I am so excited about this.

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