2011 Motor City Pride

Motor City Pride is moving from Ferndale to the Motor City.  Ferndale’s leadership is sad to see it go, demonstrating the very level of enlightenment that helped them land the festival in the first place, years ago:

The change will allow a larger crowd for the Motor City Pride Festival and expand it to two days, organizers said…

Ferndale’s interim city manager, Mark Wollenweber, said the city is sorry to lose the festival because of its long history. “I’m sure it’s disappointing for some of the downtown merchants,” he said.

Christina Sheppard-Decius, director of the Ferndale Downtown Development Authority, said the city would have been able to accommodate the festival’s expansion.

The thing I wondered about first was where people would go to party afterward.  In Ferndale, there was SoHo, 9, and Como’s right there.  The closest bars and restaurants to Hart Plaza I can think of are Foran’s and Sweet Lorraine’s (disregarding the expensive and hard-to-get-to bars in the RenCen) which require the life-threatening dash across nine or so lanes of Jefferson against the flood of eastbound traffic exiting the Lodge.  At that distance, I wouldn’t be surprised to see people just hop in their cars, in the classic-but-unfortunate Motor City style, and drive off someplace outside downtown.  DEMF has the same issue.  For that reason I wouldn’t have minded seeing it locate someplace a bit more pedestrian-friendly, say, Midtown, like Dally in the Alley.

Regardless, Hart Plaza is a marquee location, and I’m glad to see Pride in Detroit, where it belongs, for the first time.


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