Neighborhood spotlight: Corktown news

The Detroit neighborhood of Corktown (and I’m proud to say, my former home) has been in the news a LOT lately.  A few of the recent stories:

  • The Hygienic Dress League, now working at Roosevelt Park:
  • The VISTA development plan for Corktown and Mexicantown, spearheaded by Southwest Solutions, “focuses on four major development prospects” along Vernor and Bagley, which link the two neighborhoods.
  • A hostel coming to North Corktown! I think this is a GREAT idea, and laud founder Emily Doerr and her team for taking the initiative to make it happen.  Detroit sorely needs a youth hostel.  But the location could be better.  I’m not sure I’d put it in North Corktown, which has inferior access to amenities and public transportation compared with many other neighborhoods near downtown.  I’m not saying it’s the worst location either.  I just think that moving it, say, east of the Lodge freeway, further north into Woodbridge, or south closer to Michigan Avenue, would just be more a bit more accessible and convenient for travelers who might want to attempt to see the city without a car.  If the hostel proves popular and survives, I’d encourage Doerr and Co. to consider relocating.

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